Examples of Mandela Effect

This article will help you know mandela effect, with Mandela effect example given below. As a teenager, it is obvious to forget spellings or an object. Sometimes, we share some false memories of past events that take us to a different timeline from the reality. Things are observed or remembered incorrectly assuming it is the truth. Confused! Yes, such things exist. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which people believe to misinterpret an event or persons. There are many of us lingering in a parallel world, resulting in a false memory.

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which people believe to misinterpret an event or persons. There are many of us lingering in a parallel world, resulting in a false memory.

Moving back to our childhood memories. Do you remember watching the cartoon titled ‘Looney Tunes’ or ‘Looney Toons’! Confused? Moving to the sweet memories. Do you remember Kit Kat or Simply Kit-Kat? The famous amine ‘Pikachu’ had a black mark on its tail or not! Is your mind hurting? Worry not we shall help you unwrap the deep mystery behind the Mandela effect with the below Mandela effect example.

How did it start?

The concept kick started in 2010 by a paranormal consultant Fiona Broome. She gave it the name following the Dragon Con convention. During this convention, many people present thought that the famous activist and South Africa President ‘Nelson Mandela’ died in 2008 in the prison.

The fact is that the activist died in 2013 due to a respiratory infection. But still many people were certain he died in the 80’s proving themselves watching his funeral clips and related news on the Internet and T.V. But the Google termed Mandela to be alive. Strange!

The truth is after his release from the Jail in 2008, the activist held a conference which was a hit in the news for several days. With this vague idea, people started connecting it to the death of the former president. We bring to you some extraordinary examples that might help you known about the Mandela Effect.

Following are few more mandela effect examples covered on this blog

Mandela effect example part 1

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10 Mandela Effect Example

Get to know some insane Mandela effect example that explains the presence of the Mandela effect in our lives.

1. The Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears

Mandela Effect Example Berenstain Bears


The Berenstain Bears is a popular children book series and T.V series that was aired for several decades. It was created by Stan and Jan Berenstain in 1962. Many of us have grown up watching them. But it is remembered as ‘The Berenstain Bears’ instead of ‘The Berenstain Bears’. Puzzled! You should be. The TV  series was a huge hit but spelled wrong.

2. The Flintstones or The Flinstones

The Flintstone Mandela Example

Another famous T.V series depicting a stone age family is misspelled or even mispronounced. It was never ‘Flinstone’ but we all lived in an alternative world, forgetting the ‘t’. The 1950 starring cartoon series had the ‘t’ silent but who thought it would have been removed completely.

3. “Luke, I am your Father”/ “No, I am your father”

Alternative world Vader Darth

The famous star wars dialogue was misquoted as “Luke, I am your father”. The fact is that the famous line was quoted as “No, I am not your Father”. A huge number of people assumed the ‘No’ as ‘Luke’. This scene was regarded as the best scene of Vader and Luke. We all are considered to live in a different timeline assuming it to be the reality.

4. MacDonald or McDonald

Eatery joint MC Donald

The most famous and best hang out where we love spending time with a hot burger, fries, and Coke was assumed to be ‘MacDonald’. Many people mispronounced it, resulting into an incorrect spelling. Do check it once where you visit the outlet recently. Someone on the Internet experienced the wrong spelling written on the receipt.

5. “We are the champions….. of the World”

Queen's Song miconception

The Queen’s song never had such lyrics, “ We are the champions” ending with “No time for losers, cause we are the champions.. of the world”. Several people added some extra words ‘of the world’ which was not even written by the lyricist. There was no match between the lyrics and the music. The lyrics continued while the music stopped.

6. Monalisa’s turned from Emotionless to Smiling

Emotiionless Monalisa

Many of us have seen the famous portrait of Monalisa to be emotionless, but there was a huge rage on social sites depicting her to be smiling. The serious emotions on the face have been replaced with a smile. The fact is that Monalisa is known for her mysterious looks and may seem to be smiling depending on the angle you look from.

7. Gold C-3PO with a Silver Leg

Silver log Mandela effect example

The humanoid robot character from ‘Star Wars’ is another example of Mandela effect. The lower leg of C-3PO was portrayed to be made from gold. Now people think that the robot was never all gold, but possessed a silver leg. In 1990, many noticed a silver leg, which was the reality.

8. Pikachu with a black tip of its tail

Pikachu Tail Mandela

The cute yellow Pokemon had a false memory that the famous Pokemon character was fully yellow. There are several people who believe that there was a plain thick black line at the tip of the tail. Indeed, such a thing never existed. A past memory is related to this character which makes many people think in a certain way.

9. 9/11 Terrorists attack

9/11 Terrorist attack USA

Around 125 people were killed inside the Pentagon in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. It is assumed that no people died except the pilot of the plane and the passengers present inside the terrorists’ plane. According to a false memory, it was believed that the building was being remodeled and was empty on 9/11.

10. Sex in the City vs Sex and the City

Book and TV series Mandela

The TV show ‘Sex and the City’ was known to be ‘Sex in the City’. The name was frequently used and the continuous mispronunciations made it different from the beginning. It was watched by a huge population, but was called out to be ‘Sex in the City’.

11. Oscar Mayer or Oscar Meyer

incorrect spelling Oscar Meyer Mandela

The famous hot dog manufacturer is correctly spelled as ‘Oscar Mayer’. But many remember it to be ‘Oscar Meyer’. The exchange of ‘e’ from ‘a’ is also considered to be Mandela Effect. Still, many people believe it to be M-E-Y-E-R.  If you too believe like this, you are hit by the Mandela Effect.

12. The Sinbad Genie Movie that never existed?

Fake Genie Movie Mandela

The early 90’s film Kazaam starring a genie helping his master reconnect with his estranged father is remembered as ‘Sinbad Genie’ movie which never existed.  The movie was played by actor Shaquille O’Neal but the imaginary genie movie was released in 1990 titled as ‘Shazaam’ featuring the famous comedian Sinbad. Many people claim to have watched the movie and it seems that people are confusing Sinbad with Shaquille.

13. Mystery behind the JFK Assassination

Assassination Mandela effect example

The most memorable event of John F. Kennedy’s assassination is just unforgettable. Different information is found through various sources. Some recall that there were 4 people were present during JFK’s assassination. While others remember 6 people in the car. A debate is observed over whether there was a bullet glass, the exact date of assassination the color of the car is also a mystery for many.

14. The story behind the Bologna clock

Bologna Clock misinterpretation

During the 1980 massacre, many believed that the clock stopped working during this massacre. According to sources, the Bologna clock was damaged in 1980 and was later repaired. A study claimed that maximum percentage of people remembered the clock being stopped due to the bombing. Very few remember it being repaired and few knew that the clock was stopped 16 years later, i.e. 1996 as a symbol of commemoration.

15. Death mystery behind the famous stunt performer Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini Mandela Effect

The popular Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer Harry Houdini died days after he was hit in the stomach while performing a strength test. An inflammation of the abdomen lining was the main reason behind his death. He died several days later. Many remember he died by drowning while performing a deadly stunt. There are several assumptions made after the film, Tony Curtis (1953) featuring Houdini’s death by drowning.

Still lost? There are many such Mandela Effect examples that are showcased with relevant mandela effect proofs! For the one’s who already knew most of them, grab the mandela effect puzzels and quiz, to explore more!

Conclusion: Mandela Effect Example

Mandela Effect is a phenomenon filled with full suspense and untouched mysteries that are not yet resolved. People relate some issues with a past memory that is obviously false. Words like a different timeline, alternate world, false memory and many theories, proof the presence of the Mandela Effect. The above Mandela effect example has enough information if you feel some add ons are necessary. Bring on some more Mandela Effect example that has hit your eyes in the comment box below.

Mandela Effect Proof (with examples)

The article comprises of 25 weird Mandela Effect proof depicting the existence of Mandela effect. What is Mandela Effect? The Mandela effect is a set of memories or moments that are assumed to have occurred, but the reality turns out to be different. The people experiencing the Mandela Effect are speculated to have lost in a parallel world or facing a serious misconception of something that is incorrect. This is a unique phenomenon wherein the person swears on a false memory due to a faint memory of an event.

We bring to you some Mandela Effect Examples that explain the Mandela Effect.

25 Absurd Mandela Effect Proof with Examples:

We equip some 25 Mandela examples with Mandela effect proof showcasing the truth behind the  Mandela effect. Many mandela effect theories have been developed that support the Mandela effect.  These awe-inspiring Mandela effect proof will surely drive you crazy and make you baffled. Move down to the 25 absurd Mandela effect proofs.

1. Death of President Nelson Mandel

Death of President Nelson Mandela

South African President and Activist was rumored to die in prison in 1980’s. People assumed this fact after watching a conference addressed by Nelson Mandela after his release from prison. This conference was widely covered in news channel for several days. People connected this event with Nelson Mandela’s death, which actually occurred in 2013.

2. 52 or 50 states in the United States?

50 United States

The United States comprises 50 states, but most people believe there are 52 states which is connected with the 52 deck of cards.

3. The Monopoly Man

Monopoly Man without Monacle

Do you remember the Monopoly man with or without monocle? The correct answer is that the rich uncle Pennybags never wears monocle glasses. Have a closer look?

4. The Berenstain Bears

Mystery behind the book series

The popular Berenstain Bear story books were a hit for decades.But some people spell it incorrectly. The correct spelling is ‘The Berenstain Bears’. The replacement of ‘a’ with ‘e’ signifies the occurrence of Mandela Effect.

5. Pikachu Tail

Yellow Pokemon Black tail

Pokemon is still one of the favorite character adorned in the form of video games and cartoon series. But how many of us actually remember that the tip of Pikachu’s tail was black colored or not? The fact is that yellow Pokemon never had a black color at the tip of its tail.

6. Curious George

Curious George Mandela Effect

The famous children’s book series ‘Curious George’ was portrayed without a tail. But with the power of Mandela Effect, this is a false memory attached to this particular character.

7. Chick-fil-A or Chic-fil-A or Chik-fil-A?

Mandela Proof examples

The popular American restaurant is always believed to have various different spellings. The reality is that the American restaurant is always spelled as ‘Chick-fil-A’ only.

8. Darth Vader said,” No, I am your father?”

Darth Vader Dialogue Mandela

The popular dialogue of Star Wars stated Actor Darth Vader say “No, I am your father?” instead the Mandela Effect victims claimed it as “Luke, I am your father?”

9. The Smirky Portrait of Monalisa

Smirky Monalisa Mandela Effect prrof

Have you observed Monalisa Smirking? Yes! The emotionless portrait of Monalisa is believed to smirk. The reality lies in the photo being assumed to be the way we want the picture to be!

10. A dash between Kit Kat?

All time favorite chocolate Kit Kat, never ever had a break between the two words. The famous jingle always talks about having a Kit Kat break. But people have added a dash(-) between the words instead of work!

11. Jif/Jiffy Peanut Butter

Jif peanut butter Mandela

Jif Peanut butter is the correct name. The American brand of peanut butter bought a rhythmic effect to the original name of famous peanut butter.

12. Fruit Loops or Froot Loops?

Froot Loops Mandela Effect proof

This is a breakfast cereal by Kellogg’s, which is correctly spelled as ‘Froot Loops’ and not ‘Fruit Loops’. The cereals are ring shaped thus the fruit was given a familiar and easy to understand spelling with 2 loops.

13. Sketchers or Skechers shoes?

Skechers Mandela effect proof

The prominent sneaker brand Sketchers have given a slight twist to the original name by removing the ‘t’. Thus, remember it is ‘Skechers’.

14. Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear Mandela effect

Smokey Bear is an American mascot to educate people about the dangers of forest fires. Mandela effect caused a slight twist, people recognized it as ‘Smokey the Bear’.

15. Cup Noodle/ Cup of Noodle

Cup Noodles Mandela effect proof

The Noodle Soup brand was originally named as ‘Cup Noodles’ and not ‘Cup of Noodles’. Earlier, it was named as Cup O Noodles but the name was changed 23 years ago. It can be supposed that the changed name went unnoticed or it was misinterpreted with Lipton’s Cup-A-Soup!

16. JKF Assasination

JKF Assassination Mandela proof

Former President of U.S John.F.Kennedy assassination is one of the biggest conspiracy in the United States. According to reports, the car being a 6-seater, 6 people were present in the car but it is believed that only 4 people were sitting in the car.

17. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar

Leonardo Oscar

The Leonardo DiCaprio receiving the Oscar was a most awaited and epic moment on February 2016. But some recalled that the actor has received an Oscar already in the past. A false memory leads to illusion between 2 different events.

18. The death of Martin Luther’s King Jr.

Mark Luther Mandela example

It was reported to die due to a rifle wound but the Mandela effect claimed that he was killed by a handgun or a bomb.

19. Flintstone or Flinstone?

Flintstone Mandela Proof

The American animated sitcom in a romanticized Stone age setting is correctly spelled as ‘Flinststone’ instead of ‘Flinstone’. People don’t pronounce the ‘t’, thus it is devoid of it. The cartoon show ran for decades, but the people always believed it without the ‘t’.

20. Rubix Cube or Rubik’s Cube

Rubik cube mandela proof

The Rubik Cube is named from its Hungarian Architecture professor named as ‘Erno Rubik’. The variation in pronunciation might have led to the replacement of ‘k’ with ‘x’. So the next time, don’t miss the spellings!

21. Wite out vs White out

Wite out whitner

The Whitner used to whiten the spelling mistake written in pen! The company had named it ‘Wit- out’ but people always thought about the white substance as the correct spelling ‘white’ which is not true.

22. Oscar Mayer or Oscar Meyer

Oscar Mayer Mandela proof

The famous American meat and cold cut production is always known as ‘Oscar Mayer’. Rather, as a result of a misconception, the ‘a’ is replaced by ‘e’. It is O-S-C-A-R M-A-Y-E-R!

23. Sex and the City is changed to Sex in the City

Sex and the city Mandela proof

The Sex and the City is an American comedy series is widely watched by everyone, but the original name is misplaced with ‘Sex in the City’, this is wrongly proclaimed. This is called the ‘Mandela Effect’.

24. Canonization of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Nobel prize Mandela

Missionary and Roman Catholic Nun Mother Teresa was canonized on September 2016 which was 19 years after her death. While some people claim that the late nun was canonized in 1990 when she was still alive. Also, the canonization was approved by Pope John Paul II.

25. CP30 with silver legs and Gold body, is it true?

Silver Leg Mandela effect example

Many star war fans assumed that the robot CP30 always had a gold body and a silver leg but for the people who have viewed the film didn’t notice such a thing! The reason is Mandela Effect!


The above Mandela Effect proof will surely help bring your false memory to reality. Mandela effect results into recalling fake or false events that will surely embrace you when you get back into reality. There are many such Mandela Effect proof depicting the existence of the same. Some mandela effects and its examples might have been missed by us! Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Presence of Parallel World

The Mandela Effect Theories would help us know about the explanations or theories that prove the Mandela effect phenomenon. The Mandela Effect is a strange theory that is experienced by every one of us! It may be a spelling mistake or change dates! We all must be anxious to know about the nuances involved in this insane phenomenon. Let us start from scrap!

The Origin of the Mandela Effect Theories

Pioneer of Mandela Effect Theories

A paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome came up with this word during a conference in 2010. Everyone present in this conference shared the same memory,  death of South African President Nelson Mandela in prison in the year 1980.

Mystery behind Former President

Did you think the same? If yes, then you are hit by the Mandela Effect! The reality is that Activist Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1980, this activity was hugely covered by Media houses which was mistaken as the funeral of the president who actually died in 2013. There are plenty of proofs available that proves the existance of mandela effect.

6 Popular Mandela Theories Signifying Different Timelines

There are many such Mandela Effect examples that will make you baffled. You can regard this as a crap, but just refer with the help of theories. The Mandela Effect theories and explanations will surely force you to think opposite than this. Moving down to some Mandela Effect examples:

1. 50 or 52 states in U.S?

Reality behind US States

There are many people who are in a parallel world and co-relate this with the 52 deck of cards. People have some events that create a mark in their minds, these things are assumed to be a reality.

2. The Berenstain Bears!

Berenstain Bears/ Berenstein Bears

Popular children’s story book ‘The Berenstain Bears’ ruled for several decades yet people misspell it as ‘The Berenstein Bears’ instead of ‘The Berenstain Bears’. This occurs due to misconception or misinterpretation.

3. The Mayer Oscar

Oscar Mayer Incorrect Spelling

The American meat production company is never remembered by its original spelling. The original spelling ‘Mayer Oscar’ is misspelled as ‘Meyer Oscar’. This is a small mistake but can lead to Mandela Effect.

4. The Monopoly Uncle without a Monocle!

Rich Uncle Pennybags

The Monopoly Pennybags uncle never wore a monocle. But still,  it is remembered with the monocle or glasses. This indicates the presence of a parallel world or false memory.

5. Curious George

Curious George's tail

The prominent children story book ‘Curious George’ was never portrayed with a tail! It is always perceived to have a tail like other monkeys.

6. Darth Vader “No, I am your father?”

Popular Star Wars dialogue Mandela

The famous dialogue from Hollywood movie Star War starring Darth Vader saying, “No, I am your father” is actually misquoted as “Luke, I am your father”! If you have experienced any of the above examples, then you have become a victim of the Mandela Effect. You must be thinking about the reason and causes behind this weird phenomenon. Making you more confused, read mandela effect debunked.

This article includes psychological theories and explanations that would hold true the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect Theories

Mandela Theories

There are three Mandela Effect theories.  The first includes the presence of the parallel world, false memory and obsession among people with the Mandela Effect examples.

1. People believe there is another parallel universe and is assumed a certain event has occurred in the past. But the reality turns to be opposite. This parallel world is formed due to so many things taking place simultaneously. The brain gets overloaded with some many things that the conscious mind is not aware of!

2. The second is the false memory that results into distorted memory. Man remembers things around him in the easiest way to interpret or recall things. People are loaded with so many incorrect stories that support the previous story.  A false memory is a result of misinformation about an event. Our mind wanders in a parallel world assuming it to be true.

3. The last reason is the obsession attached with the Mandela Effect Examples. This is a natural human behavior in which man believes he is always right and cannot digest the fact. He is so obsessed with himself, that he won’t open himself to a can of worms to know the real world. The Mandela Effect Examples are neglected to satisfy his ego of being Mr. Right!

Assumptions Claiming the Existence of Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect explanantions

There several assumptions that define the Mandela Effect along with the Mandela Effect theories. These 8 assumptions might help to reveal the secret behind the Mandela Effect.

1. Misinformation Effect

This is a key factor for Mandela Effect. The person comes across a wrong information about an event and assumes it to be the truth. An incorrect information that leads to incorrect conclusions. The person accepts the received information to be a hardcore fact.

2. Confirmation Bias

People easily get persuaded by other claims. The tendency of a person to think and find out the truth is absent here. If the person comes across another story related to the same event, he might discard it to support the earlier information.

3. Misattribution of memory

The source of the information is forgotten. The person never takes the effort to recall the origin of the information leading to confusion or incorrect attributes.

4. Misconception

A man’s mind is not build to accept facts and ideas easily. Some people intentionally or unintentionally spread a misconception about the same. Thus, the man starts accepting anything that comes his way, this is where the seed for misconception is sown. Accepting the truth and believing it!

5. Cryptomnesia

A false memory is misinterpreted as an imagination. People start assuming things for themselves. The absence of a subjective experience to recall it as a memory. The birth of the Mandela Effect may be an imagination rather than a real memory.

6. False memory

A fake information or event is produced in the mind which is related to a trauma experienced by him. This trauma is the main culprit in such situations which gives birth to a false memory.

7. Cognitive Dissonance

The displeasure experienced by a person when confronted with a new information that is against its belief and memory. The person finds it very difficult to accept the truth. This leads to false beliefs, ideas or values. He is so much sure that he doesn’t want to come under any influence leading against the pre-decided information.

8. Confabulation

A disturbance in the memory is the main cause to weave a distorted or incorrect information. The person is quite confident about the news heard or known and won’t easily accept the reality. The misinformation is this process is a false memory which is marked in our minds and it is believed to be the truth.


These Mandela effect theories will surely proof the fact that the Mandela Effect exits.  There are speculations of people being in a parallel world or acquiring a false memory can be easily understood through the above Mandela Effect theories. Bring yourself back from the alternative realities and unveil the truth. Feed us with your valuable comments in the box below.

Try to pass the Mandela effect quiz! The Mandela Effect is popularly known as a phenomenon in which the person swears to remember a wrong memory, but the reality turns out to be different. The Mandela effect is making rounds on the Internet with various speculations like the existence of an alternative, parallel world or people perceive something to be true but it is incorrect.

Mandela Effect: Whereabouts

The term was coined by Fiona Broome during a conversation about the death of South African President Nelson Mandela. Many people misinterpreted the death of the former president  Nelson Mandela in prison in 1980. While the fact was that he died in the year 2013. People have a false memory of some past incidents or events, they fail to recollect it and connect it with some other memory.

Get Ready for Mandela Effect Quiz?

We present to you some set of questions related to the Mandela Effect. Play the Mandela effect quiz and find out for yourself if you have experienced the Mandela Effect. The list of 10 questions may help you to know the truth rather than wandering in a parallel world!

Q1) Tick the correct option?

Oscar Mayer

Oscar Meyer


 a) Oscar Mayer

b) Oscar Meyer

Q2) Tick the correct option?Kit-Kat Mandela Kit Kat Mandela

a) Kit-Kat                                                                

b) Kit Kat

Q3) Tick the correct option?

Berenstain Bears


Berenstein Bears

a) The Berenstain Bears                                    

b) The Berenstein Bears

Q4) Tick the correct option?

Monacle Wearing Pennybags

a) Rich Uncle Pennybags with Monocle            

b) Rich Uncle Pennybags without Monocle

Q5) Tick the correct option?

Thick plain black tailed Pikachu Pikachu Plain tailed

a) Pikachu with a Black Tip at the end of his Tail

b) Pikachu without a Black Tip at the end of his Tail.

Q6) Tick the correct option?

Looney Toons Mandela Looney Tunes Mandela

 a) Looney Toons                                                    

b) Looney Tunes

Q7) Tick the correct option?

Febreze Mandela Examplesfebreeze Mandela examples

  a) Febreze                                                                

   b) Febreeze

Q8) Tick the correct option?

Sex and the City Parallel World T.V series Sex in the City Mandela effect

 a) Sex and the City                                                        

 b)  Sex in the City

Q9) Tick the correct option?

Coca-Cola Incorrect Spelling



Coca Cola Mandela Effect examplea) Coca-Cola                                            

 b) Cola Cola

Q10) Tick the correct option?

The Flintstone Mandela Examples

The Flinstone Mandela Effect

a) The Flintstone                                                    

b) The Flinstone

Q11) Tick the correct option?

Volvo car logo with an arrow

Volvo car logo without arrow

a) Volvo with an arrow                                      

b) Volvo without an arrow

Q12) Tick the correct option?


Chick fil A logo

a) Chic-fil-A                                                          

b) Chick-fil-A

Q13) Tick the correct option?

Magic Mirror Dialogue Mandela effect Cinderalla dialogue misconception

a) “Magic mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of all?”

b) “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?”

Q14) Tick the correct option?

Jiffy peanut butter Mandela Example

Jif Peanut Butter Mandela effect quiz example


a) Jiffy Peanut Butter                                              

b) Jif Peanut Butter

Q15) Tick the correct option?

JCPenny Logo Mandela effect quiz

JCPenny logo misconception

  a) JCPenney                                                          

  b) JCPenny

Mandela Effect Quiz Results:

Congratulations! For the right answers while the wrong answers depict the significance of Mandela Effect or a parallel world. Go through the answers and find out the correct answers! Hope you enjoyed knowing that you are a victim of false memory. Know many such examples of mandela effect.


Q1) Oscar Mayer

Q2) Kit Kat

Q3) The Berenstain Bears

Q4) Rich Uncle Pennybags without Monocle

Q5) Pikachu without a Black Tip at the end of his Tail.

Q6) Looney Tunes

Q7) Febreze

Q8) Sex and the City

Q9) Cola-Cola

Q10) Flintstone

Q11) Volvo with an arrow

Q12) Chick-fil-A

Q13) Magic mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of all?

Q14) Jif Peanut Butter

Q15) JCPenney

Let’s assume you had fun solving the puzzels about mandela effect. There are many more examples and guides available about mandela effect on this site. You’d find it pretty interesting for sure. A second round of mandeal effect quiz will be posted shortly. Subscribe to our blog to follow all the updates.

Mandela Effect Debunked Examples

 Mandela Effect Debunked. What’s that? Read ahead to know! Mandela Effect, the term was coined by psychic ghost hunter Fiona Broome. It is defined as having a clear memory of some news or even a word that has never happen in reality. The person is said to carry a different or false memory which is not the truth. Getting confused? This phenomenon occurs when we have an incorrect information about something which is not the reality. There can be several reasons like misremembering, unavailability of information or misconceptions etc.

Fiona Broome: The Pioneer of Mandela Effect

Paranormal researcher Fiona Broome invented the term in 2010 during a conference on Dragon Con. During a conversation, many people believed that Civil Rights Activist Nelson Mandela died in 1980. The former president was arrested in 1962 and sentenced to life imprisonment, but later survived and was released in 1990. The reality is that the president died in 2013. Many people had a vague memory of watching the funeral of Mandela in the past. This incorrect information led to ‘The Mandela Effect and its consequences’. It has given the birth to this site as well.

The Origin of the Mandela Effect

South African President Nelson Mandela was released from prison on 11 February 1990 after 27 years. His release was rebroadcasted in all channels and widely covered by all Media houses. Nelson Mandela was headed to the Capetown, where he addressed a huge number of overjoyed crowd waiting for his speech. His news was around the corner for several days on T.V, newspaper, radio. This vague remembrance of the situation was mistaken to be the funeral of the Anti-Apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela.

Similar cases occur to many of us every time. An information is misinterpreted with a past memory which results as a false memory. The past memories look so real and personal that it is accepted to be a universal truth.people experiencing Mandela effect have a misconception about an incorrect past which is retained in the mind and get entangled with an alternate universe.

The Cause of False Memory Resulting into Mandela Effect?

Paranormal Consultant Fiona Broome explained that our universe is one from an infinite number of universes. Every event in the different universes has its own timeline. If these universes are considered to be parallel, then the timelines will never come in contact with each other. But in case if it is not parallel they might meet frequently.

Our brain is a storehouse of various information, memories or events occurred in the past. While recalling things, the mind gathers tits and bits from the stored experiences and eventually constructs a story. Thus, it brings birth to split realities where the mind floats between the past and present and assumes it to be the truth which may be incorrect.

There are several theories that scientifically prove the Mandela effect stating that our brains float between a false memory and the reality. Let us understand this with the help of certain Mandela effect examples.

10 Freaky Mandela Effect Debunked

We bring to you 10 examples of Mandela effect debunking. The below examples are related to the different instances where we can experience the Mandela Effect.

1) 50 States in the UN Remembered by 52 Deck of Cards?

50 OR 52 States in US

We asked how many states are present in the United States. The common answer is 52, which is a result of Mandela Effect. The answer is completely wrong, but people relate UN states with the 52 deck of cards. An insane example of Mandela effect debunked.

2) Have a close look of the Ford Logo?

Ford Mandela Effect

The loop or pig tail in the Ford logo is new to many! Ford car being an iconic and worldwide car brand, people never knew about the small loop. The Mandela Effect has hit many people who ignore the loop in the logo. One of the strange examples of Mandela effect debunked.

3) The Berenstain Bears or the Berenstain Bears?

Mandela Effect Debunked

The popular cartoon book was loved by children for several decades but hardly anyone knew the correct spelling. People believed the correct spelling was ’The Berenstain Bears’ but originally it spelled ‘The Berenstein Bears’. This is the most common Mandela effect debunker.

4) Is it Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter?

Jiffy Peanut Butter Mandela

Jif is the largest manufacturing unit producing delicious peanut butter in the United States. Many people misinterpret Jif Peanut Butter as Jiffy Peanut Butter. People remember this brand more after changing the original name.

5) Painting Henry VIII Holding a Turkey Leg is it True?

Henry Mandela Effect

The famous portrait of King of England, Henry VIII holding a turkey in his hands is an Internet Buzz but the reality shows carrying a pair of leather glove. At the other hand, the king is portrayed holding a string of a scabbard.

6) “No time for Losers, cause we are the Champions” is the Reality

Queen song Mandela

A popular song lyrics of Hollywood movie Queen which read as” No time for losers, cause we are champions of the world”. People remembered it by adding a few words to the song causing Mandela Effect. The words “of the world” never existed. People recall the song incorrectly.

7) Chick-fil-A or Chic-fil-a or Chik-fil-A

Popular Chicken Sandwich

Many people remember the popular fast-food chicken restaurant as Chick-fil-A or Chik-fil-A. Even after dining in the restaurant originally named as Chic-fil-A several times but fail to remember the correct spelling.

8) “No, I am your Father” the correct dialogue from Star Wars

True Star wars dialogue

‘Luke, I am your Father’ is a misquotation of a line spoken by villain Darth Vader in science fiction movie Star Wars released in 1980. The correct dialogue is “No, I am your Father”.  If you believed the first dialogue was true, you just ex[perienced the Mandela Effect!

9) Hollywood Movie Forrest Gump stated “ Life was a like a box of chocolates”

Forrest Gump dialogue

Many think that Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump’ in 1994 stated that ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ but actually the saying was ‘Life was like a box of chocolates’. This small mistake results in the Mandela Effect.

10) Movie ‘Kazaam’ is replaced with a Sinbad Genie Movie in 1990

Kazaam Movie Mandela

Many claim that a Sinbad genie starring Sinbad was released in the 90’s. But the reality is that people confuse the 1996 flick ‘Kazaam’ featuring Shaq as the genie with the Sinbad movie in 1990. There are many such unusual mandela effect examples to make you crazy!


The article comprises of weird examples resulting into Mandela effect debunked. Mandela Effect is a cause of some incorrect memory, conceived in the past. We often confuse words, spellings or events with a false memory, causing the Mandela Effect. Hope this article has enough information, get your examples signifying Mandela effect debunked in the comment below.

Mandela Effect examples are a list of all the fact or events that have been misinterpreted by many of us. The Mandela effect is the set of events that have never taken place and is retained as a false memory. Our entire website covers this effect and its consequences. There are few puzzels and proofs available that debunks such phenomenon. We have some examples to adhere your attention to this fact. These 12 examples will surely give you evidence of a parallel world or will make you realization of a bad memory.

12 Mandela Effect Examples

Before getting into this, know everything about the Mandela Effect. Dive in to recollect the 12 best Mandela Effect Examples that have been misunderstood by many of us. Prepare a hot cup of coffee or tea before you start reading the article. Before dive into the examples, we would also like to present few more examples covered on the website

Mandela effect example part 1

Mandela effect example part 2

1. Mystery of Nelson Mandela Death

Mandela Effect

The Former South African President Nelson Mandela was assumed to die in the prison in 1980. The activist was released from prison after 27 years in 1980. This event was captured by every media house which was misinterpreted as the funeral of the late president.

The president died in the year 2013 due to respiratory infection. This matter was talked in a conference when the people present shared the same memory. Paranormal Enthusiast Fiona Broome was quick to understand and coin the term Mandela Effect.

2. 50 or 52 states in the United States?

U.S States Examples

The 52 deck of cards have such an impact in our minds that we remember it as 52 states instead of the 50 states in the United States. This justifies the Mandela effect or the existence of a parallel world.

3. The Berenstain Bears/ The Berenstein Bears

Bears Mandela Example

The most beloved children’s story book ‘ The Berenstain Bears’ is misspelled. The ‘a’ is misplaced by ‘e’ which leads to the presence of Mandela effect. The story book ruled for several decades, but yet people remember the incorrect spelling of the classic series.

4. Mayer Oscar/ Meyer Oscar

Mandela Oscar Mayer

The biggest hot dog manufacturer in America is remembered as ‘Meyer Oscar’ of instead the correct spelling in ‘Mayer Oscar’. This cold cut production company is established in the late 80’s. Despite the popularity, the name remembered in incorrect.

5. Chick-fil-A/ Chic-fil-A/ Chik-fil-A

Chick Fil A Examples

Popular fast food joint is spelled as Chick-fil-A. This American fast food chicken restaurant is visited several times, yet it is believed as Chic-fil-A or Chik-fil-A. This is a result of a parallel world where the person in another world assuming the spelling to be such.

6. The secret behind the Monocle of Monopoly uncle!

Monopoly Uncle

The Monopoly man, rich uncle penny bag is always portrayed without a monocle. But the fact is that he never wore a monocle. Actually, he is confused with Mr. Peanut who wore a hat and acquired a hat. Thus, a misconception leads to traveling in an alternate world.

7. Have you noticed the Pikachu with a black colored tip tail?

Pikachu Plain thick black tail

The yellow mouse who always murmured Pikapika…! The famous Pokemon character Pikachu had a yellow colored tail without a black color tail tip. Many Pikachu lovers remember the pokemon with a black color at its tail, but it was never true. If you got this wrong, you are hit by the Mandela Effect!

8. Curious George without a Tail! Remember?

George Mandela Example

The children’s book series Curious George never really had a tail. The monkey was claimed to use his tail to swing from one tree to the other. The George was predicted to have physical features similar to the real monkey. But the creators wanted to showcase George a little different!

9. Kit-Kat/ Kat Kat

People loved taking a Kit Kat break but never took the effort to remove the dash from their memory. For your kind information, the Kit Kat was replaced with a dash. The confectionery was assumed to carry a dash between the 2 words.

10. Coca Cola /Coca-Cola?

Coca Cola incorrect spelling

The largest cold drink manufacturer has its official logo as ‘Coca-Cola’ instead of Coca Cola. This cold drink is a seen in every house, but no-one noticed this fact. Puzzled? Welcome to the Mandela world.

11. McDonald / MacDonald

McD Mandela Effect Examples

The burger joint is widespread across every corner of the world. But people misinterpreted as MacDonald. The popular tagline “I’m lovin’ it” is simply named as McDonald. We all visit this popular fast food chain several days; please check the logo to clear your doubts.

12. Emotionless Monalisa or the Smirky Monalisa?

mandela effect exaamples Monalisa Smirky Portrait

The legendary portrait of Monalisa has been always emotionless! People always thought she obtained a newfound smirk. Of course, all these are debunked in a separate article where we have debunked many Mandela effect examples.


The above 12 Mandela Effect Examples might have made your mind go crazy. You might be wandering in the past, thinking hard to prove yourself right! This is also a part of Mandela Effect, the person doesn’t accept the truth and is in this own parallel universe. There are many such instances that need to be uncovered. Follow us to know more about the Mandela Effect examples.

The Mandela Effect: Meaning

The Mandela effect is the phenomenon in which people share false memory of past events. According to speculations, this phenomenon is caused due parallel universe or a hypothetical universe while others suggest a failure of collective memory.It is wise to go through our site to know more about this phenomenon where we have covered over 15 different topics on the same subject.

According to some people, these false memories feel so real and true that people experiencing the same refuse to accept evidence against them. People experiencing Mandela effect have clear, personal memory of things never occurred in reality. It is a little bit of controversial topic. There are many contradicting theories and proofs available which supports and debunk the mandela effect. However, we have gone through each and every one so you know the fact. In our honest opinion such effect exists due to false memory. Participate in Mandela quiz and see if you are affected with this effect or not.

Mandela Effect: History

The word ‘Mandela Effect’ is making rounds on the Internet recently. The term was coined by paranormal researcher Fiona Broome in 2012, during the Science Fiction and Gaming Conference at Dragon Con.

This phenomenon struck Fiona Broome when people in the conference shared false memory on the death of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa. They argued that the President died in prison in 1980 while the fact was that he was released from jail in 1990 and died in 2013.

About Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome first coined the term Mandela Effect in the year 2010. She is an enthusiastic researcher for paranormal activities since 1980. Fiona Broome has written several articles defining paranormal activities and a provocative speaker at several international events.

The term ‘Mandela Effect’ popped up after a false memory being shared at a conference about the death of South African activist Nelson Mandela.

10 Craziest Mandela Effect Examples

There are several things which are considered to have collective misremembering among people. The pseudoscientific belief is seen when people misinterpret the past assuming it to be the truth. We bring a list of such examples to give a better understanding of the Mandela Effect.

1. It is Oscar Mayer, not Oscar Meyer!

Oscar Meyar Mandela effect

Oscar Mayer is a famous brand of hot dogs and lunch meats in America. People remember the spelling as ‘Oscar Meyer’ replacing the ‘a’ with ‘e’. This is known as Mandela Effect. It depicts people drifting into a parallel world accepting it as truth.

2. It’s Sex and the City not Sex in the City

Sex and the City

People misinterpret the famous book series as ‘Sex in the City’ instead of the real name ‘Sex in the City’.

3. Does the Rich Uncle wear a Monocle?

Uncle Penny

The Rich Uncle Penny Bags never wore a monocle but people believe he always had one! Due to a prediction that the monopoly man wore glasses, it has become difficult to grasp the fact.

4. What is the Color of the Pikachu Tail Tip?

Pikachu Tail

Earlier, it was assumed that the tip of the famous Pokemon character Pikachu’s tail is black while now the black color has vanished.

5. The Berenstein Bears or The Berenstain Bears

Mandela Berenstain Bears

The popular book/cartoon series ‘The Berenstain Bears’ is a popular story about a bear family. There is a slight spelling mistake with this one, actually the assumption of ‘The BerenstEin Bears’ is the Mandela effect with the original word as ‘The BerenstAin Bears’.

6. Curious George With or Without a Tail

George Mandela Effect

Curious George is the main protagonist of the popular children’s book series. The curious monkey never had a tail. George was assumed to have a tail, but the reality is different.

7. The Famous Portrait Monalisa Smirks while She was Drawn Emotionless

Da Vinci's Monalisa

Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of Lisa Gherardini popularly known as ‘Monalisa’ was basically painted emotionless, but now people feel she is smirking.

8. Kit-Kat or Kit Kat

Kitkat Mandela Example

The tasty milk chocolate doesn’t have a ‘-’ in its original name. Due to Mandela Effect, the confectionery is misplaced with space or ‘-’.

9.”Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?” Or “Magic Mirror on the wall?”

Magic Mirror

The early Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs famous dialogue “Mirror, Mirror on the wall? is incorrect. The original lines quote “Magic Mirror on the wall- who is the fairest one of all?”.

10. ‘Fruit Loops’ is actually spelled as ‘Froot Loops’

Fruit Loops

The fruit-flavored breakfast cereal is always remembered in the morning. But people are still confused between the two spellings. The correct spelling is ‘Froot Loops’.

There are several theories that provide an evidence of a false memory or existence of a parallel world.The Mandela Effect occurs when a personal memory conflicts with a historical record. Our brain is loaded with so many things that it gets entangled with an alternative world. There are several explanations that define the Mandela Effect.

Explanations that Prove the Mandela Effect

We bring some explanations that fairly may prove the existence of the Mandela Effect.

1. Misinformation Effect

This is the key effect responsible for the Mandela effect. The person is regarded to have less or no knowledge about the event or issue. This is common when insufficient information or news is acquired by the person. The information is scanty and incorrect assumptions are made accordingly.

2. Confirmation Bias

This includes the tendency to search, interpret or recall information that helps to confirm one’s beliefs. The person will easily get convinced by claims without having his stand over the same.

3. Misattribution of Memory

In this case, the source of the information is forgotten which leads to misconceptions about the information.

4. Cryptomnesia

Due to lack of experience, the memory is mistaken for imagination. People start imagining rather than focusing on reality.

5. False Memory

This physiological phenomenon takes place when a person recalls a memory which actually did not occur. This is a reality of a serious trauma faced by the person. The person becomes prone to find or explore new shreds of evidence against its beliefs.

6. Confabulation

Confabulation means to produce misinterpreted memories related to the world. Due to which the person makes incorrect memories about his surroundings as observed in most Mandela effects.

7. Cognitive Dissonance

It can be a mental stress or discomfort faced by a person when confronted with a new information. This new information conflicts with the existing beliefs and results into people discarding evidence.


The Mandela Effect means recounting events that have never occurred. This is a result of fabrication and distortion of memory inherited by a person. The article contains enough explanation depicting the causes behind the Mandela Effect. The situation might be strange and silly but holds a very important theory in place.