Mandela Effect Debunked Examples

The Mandela Effect Debunked: 10 Freaking Mandela Effect Debunking

 Mandela Effect Debunked. What’s that? Read ahead to know! Mandela Effect, the term was coined by psychic ghost hunter Fiona Broome. It is defined as having a clear memory of some news or even a word that has never happen in reality. The person is said to carry a different or false memory which is not the truth. Getting confused? This phenomenon occurs when we have an incorrect information about something which is not the reality. There can be several reasons like misremembering, unavailability of information or misconceptions etc.

Fiona Broome: The Pioneer of Mandela Effect

Paranormal researcher Fiona Broome invented the term in 2010 during a conference on Dragon Con. During a conversation, many people believed that Civil Rights Activist Nelson Mandela died in 1980. The former president was arrested in 1962 and sentenced to life imprisonment, but later survived and was released in 1990. The reality is that the president died in 2013. Many people had a vague memory of watching the funeral of Mandela in the past. This incorrect information led to ‘The Mandela Effect and its consequences’. It has given the birth to this site as well.

The Origin of the Mandela Effect

South African President Nelson Mandela was released from prison on 11 February 1990 after 27 years. His release was rebroadcasted in all channels and widely covered by all Media houses. Nelson Mandela was headed to the Capetown, where he addressed a huge number of overjoyed crowd waiting for his speech. His news was around the corner for several days on T.V, newspaper, radio. This vague remembrance of the situation was mistaken to be the funeral of the Anti-Apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela.

Similar cases occur to many of us every time. An information is misinterpreted with a past memory which results as a false memory. The past memories look so real and personal that it is accepted to be a universal truth.people experiencing Mandela effect have a misconception about an incorrect past which is retained in the mind and get entangled with an alternate universe.

The Cause of False Memory Resulting into Mandela Effect?

Paranormal Consultant Fiona Broome explained that our universe is one from an infinite number of universes. Every event in the different universes has its own timeline. If these universes are considered to be parallel, then the timelines will never come in contact with each other. But in case if it is not parallel they might meet frequently.

Our brain is a storehouse of various information, memories or events occurred in the past. While recalling things, the mind gathers tits and bits from the stored experiences and eventually constructs a story. Thus, it brings birth to split realities where the mind floats between the past and present and assumes it to be the truth which may be incorrect.

There are several theories that scientifically prove the Mandela effect stating that our brains float between a false memory and the reality. Let us understand this with the help of certain Mandela effect examples.

10 Freaky Mandela Effect Debunked

We bring to you 10 examples of Mandela effect debunking. The below examples are related to the different instances where we can experience the Mandela Effect.

1) 50 States in the UN Remembered by 52 Deck of Cards?

50 OR 52 States in US

We asked how many states are present in the United States. The common answer is 52, which is a result of Mandela Effect. The answer is completely wrong, but people relate UN states with the 52 deck of cards. An insane example of Mandela effect debunked.

2) Have a close look of the Ford Logo?

Ford Mandela Effect

The loop or pig tail in the Ford logo is new to many! Ford car being an iconic and worldwide car brand, people never knew about the small loop. The Mandela Effect has hit many people who ignore the loop in the logo. One of the strange examples of Mandela effect debunked.

3) The Berenstain Bears or the Berenstain Bears?

Mandela Effect Debunked

The popular cartoon book was loved by children for several decades but hardly anyone knew the correct spelling. People believed the correct spelling was ’The Berenstain Bears’ but originally it spelled ‘The Berenstein Bears’. This is the most common Mandela effect debunker.

4) Is it Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter?

Jiffy Peanut Butter Mandela

Jif is the largest manufacturing unit producing delicious peanut butter in the United States. Many people misinterpret Jif Peanut Butter as Jiffy Peanut Butter. People remember this brand more after changing the original name.

5) Painting Henry VIII Holding a Turkey Leg is it True?

Henry Mandela Effect

The famous portrait of King of England, Henry VIII holding a turkey in his hands is an Internet Buzz but the reality shows carrying a pair of leather glove. At the other hand, the king is portrayed holding a string of a scabbard.

6) “No time for Losers, cause we are the Champions” is the Reality

Queen song Mandela

A popular song lyrics of Hollywood movie Queen which read as” No time for losers, cause we are champions of the world”. People remembered it by adding a few words to the song causing Mandela Effect. The words “of the world” never existed. People recall the song incorrectly.

7) Chick-fil-A or Chic-fil-a or Chik-fil-A

Popular Chicken Sandwich

Many people remember the popular fast-food chicken restaurant as Chick-fil-A or Chik-fil-A. Even after dining in the restaurant originally named as Chic-fil-A several times but fail to remember the correct spelling.

8) “No, I am your Father” the correct dialogue from Star Wars

True Star wars dialogue

‘Luke, I am your Father’ is a misquotation of a line spoken by villain Darth Vader in science fiction movie Star Wars released in 1980. The correct dialogue is “No, I am your Father”.  If you believed the first dialogue was true, you just ex[perienced the Mandela Effect!

9) Hollywood Movie Forrest Gump stated “ Life was a like a box of chocolates”

Forrest Gump dialogue

Many think that Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump’ in 1994 stated that ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ but actually the saying was ‘Life was like a box of chocolates’. This small mistake results in the Mandela Effect.

10) Movie ‘Kazaam’ is replaced with a Sinbad Genie Movie in 1990

Kazaam Movie Mandela

Many claim that a Sinbad genie starring Sinbad was released in the 90’s. But the reality is that people confuse the 1996 flick ‘Kazaam’ featuring Shaq as the genie with the Sinbad movie in 1990. There are many such unusual mandela effect examples to make you crazy!


The article comprises of weird examples resulting into Mandela effect debunked. Mandela Effect is a cause of some incorrect memory, conceived in the past. We often confuse words, spellings or events with a false memory, causing the Mandela Effect. Hope this article has enough information, get your examples signifying Mandela effect debunked in the comment below.

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