Examples of Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect Example: The Mystery Box Depicting Presence of Alternative World

This article will help you know mandela effect, with Mandela effect example given below. As a teenager, it is obvious to forget spellings or an object. Sometimes, we share some false memories of past events that take us to a different timeline from the reality. Things are observed or remembered incorrectly assuming it is the truth. Confused! Yes, such things exist. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which people believe to misinterpret an event or persons. There are many of us lingering in a parallel world, resulting in a false memory.

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which people believe to misinterpret an event or persons. There are many of us lingering in a parallel world, resulting in a false memory.

Moving back to our childhood memories. Do you remember watching the cartoon titled ‘Looney Tunes’ or ‘Looney Toons’! Confused? Moving to the sweet memories. Do you remember Kit Kat or Simply Kit-Kat? The famous amine ‘Pikachu’ had a black mark on its tail or not! Is your mind hurting? Worry not we shall help you unwrap the deep mystery behind the Mandela effect with the below Mandela effect example.

How did it start?

The concept kick started in 2010 by a paranormal consultant Fiona Broome. She gave it the name following the Dragon Con convention. During this convention, many people present thought that the famous activist and South Africa President ‘Nelson Mandela’ died in 2008 in the prison.

The fact is that the activist died in 2013 due to a respiratory infection. But still many people were certain he died in the 80’s proving themselves watching his funeral clips and related news on the Internet and T.V. But the Google termed Mandela to be alive. Strange!

The truth is after his release from the Jail in 2008, the activist held a conference which was a hit in the news for several days. With this vague idea, people started connecting it to the death of the former president. We bring to you some extraordinary examples that might help you known about the Mandela Effect.

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10 Mandela Effect Example

Get to know some insane Mandela effect example that explains the presence of the Mandela effect in our lives.

1. The Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears

Mandela Effect Example Berenstain Bears


The Berenstain Bears is a popular children book series and T.V series that was aired for several decades. It was created by Stan and Jan Berenstain in 1962. Many of us have grown up watching them. But it is remembered as ‘The Berenstain Bears’ instead of ‘The Berenstain Bears’. Puzzled! You should be. The TV  series was a huge hit but spelled wrong.

2. The Flintstones or The Flinstones

The Flintstone Mandela Example

Another famous T.V series depicting a stone age family is misspelled or even mispronounced. It was never ‘Flinstone’ but we all lived in an alternative world, forgetting the ‘t’. The 1950 starring cartoon series had the ‘t’ silent but who thought it would have been removed completely.

3. “Luke, I am your Father”/ “No, I am your father”

Alternative world Vader Darth

The famous star wars dialogue was misquoted as “Luke, I am your father”. The fact is that the famous line was quoted as “No, I am not your Father”. A huge number of people assumed the ‘No’ as ‘Luke’. This scene was regarded as the best scene of Vader and Luke. We all are considered to live in a different timeline assuming it to be the reality.

4. MacDonald or McDonald

Eatery joint MC Donald

The most famous and best hang out where we love spending time with a hot burger, fries, and Coke was assumed to be ‘MacDonald’. Many people mispronounced it, resulting into an incorrect spelling. Do check it once where you visit the outlet recently. Someone on the Internet experienced the wrong spelling written on the receipt.

5. “We are the champions….. of the World”

Queen's Song miconception

The Queen’s song never had such lyrics, “ We are the champions” ending with “No time for losers, cause we are the champions.. of the world”. Several people added some extra words ‘of the world’ which was not even written by the lyricist. There was no match between the lyrics and the music. The lyrics continued while the music stopped.

6. Monalisa’s turned from Emotionless to Smiling

Emotiionless Monalisa

Many of us have seen the famous portrait of Monalisa to be emotionless, but there was a huge rage on social sites depicting her to be smiling. The serious emotions on the face have been replaced with a smile. The fact is that Monalisa is known for her mysterious looks and may seem to be smiling depending on the angle you look from.

7. Gold C-3PO with a Silver Leg

Silver log Mandela effect example

The humanoid robot character from ‘Star Wars’ is another example of Mandela effect. The lower leg of C-3PO was portrayed to be made from gold. Now people think that the robot was never all gold, but possessed a silver leg. In 1990, many noticed a silver leg, which was the reality.

8. Pikachu with a black tip of its tail

Pikachu Tail Mandela

The cute yellow Pokemon had a false memory that the famous Pokemon character was fully yellow. There are several people who believe that there was a plain thick black line at the tip of the tail. Indeed, such a thing never existed. A past memory is related to this character which makes many people think in a certain way.

9. 9/11 Terrorists attack

9/11 Terrorist attack USA

Around 125 people were killed inside the Pentagon in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. It is assumed that no people died except the pilot of the plane and the passengers present inside the terrorists’ plane. According to a false memory, it was believed that the building was being remodeled and was empty on 9/11.

10. Sex in the City vs Sex and the City

Book and TV series Mandela

The TV show ‘Sex and the City’ was known to be ‘Sex in the City’. The name was frequently used and the continuous mispronunciations made it different from the beginning. It was watched by a huge population, but was called out to be ‘Sex in the City’.

11. Oscar Mayer or Oscar Meyer

incorrect spelling Oscar Meyer Mandela

The famous hot dog manufacturer is correctly spelled as ‘Oscar Mayer’. But many remember it to be ‘Oscar Meyer’. The exchange of ‘e’ from ‘a’ is also considered to be Mandela Effect. Still, many people believe it to be M-E-Y-E-R.  If you too believe like this, you are hit by the Mandela Effect.

12. The Sinbad Genie Movie that never existed?

Fake Genie Movie Mandela

The early 90’s film Kazaam starring a genie helping his master reconnect with his estranged father is remembered as ‘Sinbad Genie’ movie which never existed.  The movie was played by actor Shaquille O’Neal but the imaginary genie movie was released in 1990 titled as ‘Shazaam’ featuring the famous comedian Sinbad. Many people claim to have watched the movie and it seems that people are confusing Sinbad with Shaquille.

13. Mystery behind the JFK Assassination

Assassination Mandela effect example

The most memorable event of John F. Kennedy’s assassination is just unforgettable. Different information is found through various sources. Some recall that there were 4 people were present during JFK’s assassination. While others remember 6 people in the car. A debate is observed over whether there was a bullet glass, the exact date of assassination the color of the car is also a mystery for many.

14. The story behind the Bologna clock

Bologna Clock misinterpretation

During the 1980 massacre, many believed that the clock stopped working during this massacre. According to sources, the Bologna clock was damaged in 1980 and was later repaired. A study claimed that maximum percentage of people remembered the clock being stopped due to the bombing. Very few remember it being repaired and few knew that the clock was stopped 16 years later, i.e. 1996 as a symbol of commemoration.

15. Death mystery behind the famous stunt performer Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini Mandela Effect

The popular Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer Harry Houdini died days after he was hit in the stomach while performing a strength test. An inflammation of the abdomen lining was the main reason behind his death. He died several days later. Many remember he died by drowning while performing a deadly stunt. There are several assumptions made after the film, Tony Curtis (1953) featuring Houdini’s death by drowning.

Still lost? There are many such Mandela Effect examples that are showcased with relevant mandela effect proofs! For the one’s who already knew most of them, grab the mandela effect puzzels and quiz, to explore more!

Conclusion: Mandela Effect Example

Mandela Effect is a phenomenon filled with full suspense and untouched mysteries that are not yet resolved. People relate some issues with a past memory that is obviously false. Words like a different timeline, alternate world, false memory and many theories, proof the presence of the Mandela Effect. The above Mandela effect example has enough information if you feel some add ons are necessary. Bring on some more Mandela Effect example that has hit your eyes in the comment box below.

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