Mandela Effect Examples that will Make you go Mind Bobbling! [Part 3]

Mandela Effect examples are a list of all the fact or events that have been misinterpreted by many of us. The Mandela effect is the set of events that have never taken place and is retained as a false memory. Our entire website covers this effect and its consequences. There are few puzzels and proofs available that debunks such phenomenon. We have some examples to adhere your attention to this fact. These 12 examples will surely give you evidence of a parallel world or will make you realization of a bad memory.

12 Mandela Effect Examples

Before getting into this, know everything about the Mandela Effect. Dive in to recollect the 12 best Mandela Effect Examples that have been misunderstood by many of us. Prepare a hot cup of coffee or tea before you start reading the article. Before dive into the examples, we would also like to present few more examples covered on the website

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1. Mystery of Nelson Mandela Death

Mandela Effect

The Former South African President Nelson Mandela was assumed to die in the prison in 1980. The activist was released from prison after 27 years in 1980. This event was captured by every media house which was misinterpreted as the funeral of the late president.

The president died in the year 2013 due to respiratory infection. This matter was talked in a conference when the people present shared the same memory. Paranormal Enthusiast Fiona Broome was quick to understand and coin the term Mandela Effect.

2. 50 or 52 states in the United States?

U.S States Examples

The 52 deck of cards have such an impact in our minds that we remember it as 52 states instead of the 50 states in the United States. This justifies the Mandela effect or the existence of a parallel world.

3. The Berenstain Bears/ The Berenstein Bears

Bears Mandela Example

The most beloved children’s story book ‘ The Berenstain Bears’ is misspelled. The ‘a’ is misplaced by ‘e’ which leads to the presence of Mandela effect. The story book ruled for several decades, but yet people remember the incorrect spelling of the classic series.

4. Mayer Oscar/ Meyer Oscar

Mandela Oscar Mayer

The biggest hot dog manufacturer in America is remembered as ‘Meyer Oscar’ of instead the correct spelling in ‘Mayer Oscar’. This cold cut production company is established in the late 80’s. Despite the popularity, the name remembered in incorrect.

5. Chick-fil-A/ Chic-fil-A/ Chik-fil-A

Chick Fil A Examples

Popular fast food joint is spelled as Chick-fil-A. This American fast food chicken restaurant is visited several times, yet it is believed as Chic-fil-A or Chik-fil-A. This is a result of a parallel world where the person in another world assuming the spelling to be such.

6. The secret behind the Monocle of Monopoly uncle!

Monopoly Uncle

The Monopoly man, rich uncle penny bag is always portrayed without a monocle. But the fact is that he never wore a monocle. Actually, he is confused with Mr. Peanut who wore a hat and acquired a hat. Thus, a misconception leads to traveling in an alternate world.

7. Have you noticed the Pikachu with a black colored tip tail?

Pikachu Plain thick black tail

The yellow mouse who always murmured Pikapika…! The famous Pokemon character Pikachu had a yellow colored tail without a black color tail tip. Many Pikachu lovers remember the pokemon with a black color at its tail, but it was never true. If you got this wrong, you are hit by the Mandela Effect!

8. Curious George without a Tail! Remember?

George Mandela Example

The children’s book series Curious George never really had a tail. The monkey was claimed to use his tail to swing from one tree to the other. The George was predicted to have physical features similar to the real monkey. But the creators wanted to showcase George a little different!

9. Kit-Kat/ Kat Kat

People loved taking a Kit Kat break but never took the effort to remove the dash from their memory. For your kind information, the Kit Kat was replaced with a dash. The confectionery was assumed to carry a dash between the 2 words.

10. Coca Cola /Coca-Cola?

Coca Cola incorrect spelling

The largest cold drink manufacturer has its official logo as ‘Coca-Cola’ instead of Coca Cola. This cold drink is a seen in every house, but no-one noticed this fact. Puzzled? Welcome to the Mandela world.

11. McDonald / MacDonald

McD Mandela Effect Examples

The burger joint is widespread across every corner of the world. But people misinterpreted as MacDonald. The popular tagline “I’m lovin’ it” is simply named as McDonald. We all visit this popular fast food chain several days; please check the logo to clear your doubts.

12. Emotionless Monalisa or the Smirky Monalisa?

mandela effect exaamples Monalisa Smirky Portrait

The legendary portrait of Monalisa has been always emotionless! People always thought she obtained a newfound smirk. Of course, all these are debunked in a separate article where we have debunked many Mandela effect examples.


The above 12 Mandela Effect Examples might have made your mind go crazy. You might be wandering in the past, thinking hard to prove yourself right! This is also a part of Mandela Effect, the person doesn’t accept the truth and is in this own parallel universe. There are many such instances that need to be uncovered. Follow us to know more about the Mandela Effect examples.

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