Mandela Effect Proof (with examples)

25 Brainstorming Mandela Effect Proof with Mandela Examples

The article comprises of 25 weird Mandela Effect proof depicting the existence of Mandela effect. What is Mandela Effect? The Mandela effect is a set of memories or moments that are assumed to have occurred, but the reality turns out to be different. The people experiencing the Mandela Effect are speculated to have lost in a parallel world or facing a serious misconception of something that is incorrect. This is a unique phenomenon wherein the person swears on a false memory due to a faint memory of an event.

We bring to you some Mandela Effect Examples that explain the Mandela Effect.

25 Absurd Mandela Effect Proof with Examples:

We equip some 25 Mandela examples with Mandela effect proof showcasing the truth behind the  Mandela effect. Many mandela effect theories have been developed that support the Mandela effect.  These awe-inspiring Mandela effect proof will surely drive you crazy and make you baffled. Move down to the 25 absurd Mandela effect proofs.

1. Death of President Nelson Mandel

Death of President Nelson Mandela

South African President and Activist was rumored to die in prison in 1980’s. People assumed this fact after watching a conference addressed by Nelson Mandela after his release from prison. This conference was widely covered in news channel for several days. People connected this event with Nelson Mandela’s death, which actually occurred in 2013.

2. 52 or 50 states in the United States?

50 United States

The United States comprises 50 states, but most people believe there are 52 states which is connected with the 52 deck of cards.

3. The Monopoly Man

Monopoly Man without Monacle

Do you remember the Monopoly man with or without monocle? The correct answer is that the rich uncle Pennybags never wears monocle glasses. Have a closer look?

4. The Berenstain Bears

Mystery behind the book series

The popular Berenstain Bear story books were a hit for decades.But some people spell it incorrectly. The correct spelling is ‘The Berenstain Bears’. The replacement of ‘a’ with ‘e’ signifies the occurrence of Mandela Effect.

5. Pikachu Tail

Yellow Pokemon Black tail

Pokemon is still one of the favorite character adorned in the form of video games and cartoon series. But how many of us actually remember that the tip of Pikachu’s tail was black colored or not? The fact is that yellow Pokemon never had a black color at the tip of its tail.

6. Curious George

Curious George Mandela Effect

The famous children’s book series ‘Curious George’ was portrayed without a tail. But with the power of Mandela Effect, this is a false memory attached to this particular character.

7. Chick-fil-A or Chic-fil-A or Chik-fil-A?

Mandela Proof examples

The popular American restaurant is always believed to have various different spellings. The reality is that the American restaurant is always spelled as ‘Chick-fil-A’ only.

8. Darth Vader said,” No, I am your father?”

Darth Vader Dialogue Mandela

The popular dialogue of Star Wars stated Actor Darth Vader say “No, I am your father?” instead the Mandela Effect victims claimed it as “Luke, I am your father?”

9. The Smirky Portrait of Monalisa

Smirky Monalisa Mandela Effect prrof

Have you observed Monalisa Smirking? Yes! The emotionless portrait of Monalisa is believed to smirk. The reality lies in the photo being assumed to be the way we want the picture to be!

10. A dash between Kit Kat?

All time favorite chocolate Kit Kat, never ever had a break between the two words. The famous jingle always talks about having a Kit Kat break. But people have added a dash(-) between the words instead of work!

11. Jif/Jiffy Peanut Butter

Jif peanut butter Mandela

Jif Peanut butter is the correct name. The American brand of peanut butter bought a rhythmic effect to the original name of famous peanut butter.

12. Fruit Loops or Froot Loops?

Froot Loops Mandela Effect proof

This is a breakfast cereal by Kellogg’s, which is correctly spelled as ‘Froot Loops’ and not ‘Fruit Loops’. The cereals are ring shaped thus the fruit was given a familiar and easy to understand spelling with 2 loops.

13. Sketchers or Skechers shoes?

Skechers Mandela effect proof

The prominent sneaker brand Sketchers have given a slight twist to the original name by removing the ‘t’. Thus, remember it is ‘Skechers’.

14. Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear Mandela effect

Smokey Bear is an American mascot to educate people about the dangers of forest fires. Mandela effect caused a slight twist, people recognized it as ‘Smokey the Bear’.

15. Cup Noodle/ Cup of Noodle

Cup Noodles Mandela effect proof

The Noodle Soup brand was originally named as ‘Cup Noodles’ and not ‘Cup of Noodles’. Earlier, it was named as Cup O Noodles but the name was changed 23 years ago. It can be supposed that the changed name went unnoticed or it was misinterpreted with Lipton’s Cup-A-Soup!

16. JKF Assasination

JKF Assassination Mandela proof

Former President of U.S John.F.Kennedy assassination is one of the biggest conspiracy in the United States. According to reports, the car being a 6-seater, 6 people were present in the car but it is believed that only 4 people were sitting in the car.

17. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar

Leonardo Oscar

The Leonardo DiCaprio receiving the Oscar was a most awaited and epic moment on February 2016. But some recalled that the actor has received an Oscar already in the past. A false memory leads to illusion between 2 different events.

18. The death of Martin Luther’s King Jr.

Mark Luther Mandela example

It was reported to die due to a rifle wound but the Mandela effect claimed that he was killed by a handgun or a bomb.

19. Flintstone or Flinstone?

Flintstone Mandela Proof

The American animated sitcom in a romanticized Stone age setting is correctly spelled as ‘Flinststone’ instead of ‘Flinstone’. People don’t pronounce the ‘t’, thus it is devoid of it. The cartoon show ran for decades, but the people always believed it without the ‘t’.

20. Rubix Cube or Rubik’s Cube

Rubik cube mandela proof

The Rubik Cube is named from its Hungarian Architecture professor named as ‘Erno Rubik’. The variation in pronunciation might have led to the replacement of ‘k’ with ‘x’. So the next time, don’t miss the spellings!

21. Wite out vs White out

Wite out whitner

The Whitner used to whiten the spelling mistake written in pen! The company had named it ‘Wit- out’ but people always thought about the white substance as the correct spelling ‘white’ which is not true.

22. Oscar Mayer or Oscar Meyer

Oscar Mayer Mandela proof

The famous American meat and cold cut production is always known as ‘Oscar Mayer’. Rather, as a result of a misconception, the ‘a’ is replaced by ‘e’. It is O-S-C-A-R M-A-Y-E-R!

23. Sex and the City is changed to Sex in the City

Sex and the city Mandela proof

The Sex and the City is an American comedy series is widely watched by everyone, but the original name is misplaced with ‘Sex in the City’, this is wrongly proclaimed. This is called the ‘Mandela Effect’.

24. Canonization of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Nobel prize Mandela

Missionary and Roman Catholic Nun Mother Teresa was canonized on September 2016 which was 19 years after her death. While some people claim that the late nun was canonized in 1990 when she was still alive. Also, the canonization was approved by Pope John Paul II.

25. CP30 with silver legs and Gold body, is it true?

Silver Leg Mandela effect example

Many star war fans assumed that the robot CP30 always had a gold body and a silver leg but for the people who have viewed the film didn’t notice such a thing! The reason is Mandela Effect!


The above Mandela Effect proof will surely help bring your false memory to reality. Mandela effect results into recalling fake or false events that will surely embrace you when you get back into reality. There are many such Mandela Effect proof depicting the existence of the same. Some mandela effects and its examples might have been missed by us! Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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