Take the Mandela Effect Quiz: Exploiting the Mandela Effect

Try to pass the Mandela effect quiz! The Mandela Effect is popularly known as a phenomenon in which the person swears to remember a wrong memory, but the reality turns out to be different. The Mandela effect is making rounds on the Internet with various speculations like the existence of an alternative, parallel world or people perceive something to be true but it is incorrect.

Mandela Effect: Whereabouts

The term was coined by Fiona Broome during a conversation about the death of South African President Nelson Mandela. Many people misinterpreted the death of the former president  Nelson Mandela in prison in 1980. While the fact was that he died in the year 2013. People have a false memory of some past incidents or events, they fail to recollect it and connect it with some other memory.

Get Ready for Mandela Effect Quiz?

We present to you some set of questions related to the Mandela Effect. Play the Mandela effect quiz and find out for yourself if you have experienced the Mandela Effect. The list of 10 questions may help you to know the truth rather than wandering in a parallel world!

Q1) Tick the correct option?

Oscar Mayer

Oscar Meyer


 a) Oscar Mayer

b) Oscar Meyer

Q2) Tick the correct option?Kit-Kat Mandela Kit Kat Mandela

a) Kit-Kat                                                                

b) Kit Kat

Q3) Tick the correct option?

Berenstain Bears


Berenstein Bears

a) The Berenstain Bears                                    

b) The Berenstein Bears

Q4) Tick the correct option?

Monacle Wearing Pennybags

a) Rich Uncle Pennybags with Monocle            

b) Rich Uncle Pennybags without Monocle

Q5) Tick the correct option?

Thick plain black tailed Pikachu Pikachu Plain tailed

a) Pikachu with a Black Tip at the end of his Tail

b) Pikachu without a Black Tip at the end of his Tail.

Q6) Tick the correct option?

Looney Toons Mandela Looney Tunes Mandela

 a) Looney Toons                                                    

b) Looney Tunes

Q7) Tick the correct option?

Febreze Mandela Examplesfebreeze Mandela examples

  a) Febreze                                                                

   b) Febreeze

Q8) Tick the correct option?

Sex and the City Parallel World T.V series Sex in the City Mandela effect

 a) Sex and the City                                                        

 b)  Sex in the City

Q9) Tick the correct option?

Coca-Cola Incorrect Spelling



Coca Cola Mandela Effect examplea) Coca-Cola                                            

 b) Cola Cola

Q10) Tick the correct option?

The Flintstone Mandela Examples

The Flinstone Mandela Effect

a) The Flintstone                                                    

b) The Flinstone

Q11) Tick the correct option?

Volvo car logo with an arrow

Volvo car logo without arrow

a) Volvo with an arrow                                      

b) Volvo without an arrow

Q12) Tick the correct option?


Chick fil A logo

a) Chic-fil-A                                                          

b) Chick-fil-A

Q13) Tick the correct option?

Magic Mirror Dialogue Mandela effect Cinderalla dialogue misconception

a) “Magic mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of all?”

b) “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?”

Q14) Tick the correct option?

Jiffy peanut butter Mandela Example

Jif Peanut Butter Mandela effect quiz example


a) Jiffy Peanut Butter                                              

b) Jif Peanut Butter

Q15) Tick the correct option?

JCPenny Logo Mandela effect quiz

JCPenny logo misconception

  a) JCPenney                                                          

  b) JCPenny

Mandela Effect Quiz Results:

Congratulations! For the right answers while the wrong answers depict the significance of Mandela Effect or a parallel world. Go through the answers and find out the correct answers! Hope you enjoyed knowing that you are a victim of false memory. Know many such examples of mandela effect.


Q1) Oscar Mayer

Q2) Kit Kat

Q3) The Berenstain Bears

Q4) Rich Uncle Pennybags without Monocle

Q5) Pikachu without a Black Tip at the end of his Tail.

Q6) Looney Tunes

Q7) Febreze

Q8) Sex and the City

Q9) Cola-Cola

Q10) Flintstone

Q11) Volvo with an arrow

Q12) Chick-fil-A

Q13) Magic mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of all?

Q14) Jif Peanut Butter

Q15) JCPenney

Let’s assume you had fun solving the puzzels about mandela effect. There are many more examples and guides available about mandela effect on this site. You’d find it pretty interesting for sure. A second round of mandeal effect quiz will be posted shortly. Subscribe to our blog to follow all the updates.

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