Presence of Parallel World

Mandela Effect Theories: Detailed Understanding of the Alternating World  

The Mandela Effect Theories would help us know about the explanations or theories that prove the Mandela effect phenomenon. The Mandela Effect is a strange theory that is experienced by every one of us! It may be a spelling mistake or change dates! We all must be anxious to know about the nuances involved in this insane phenomenon. Let us start from scrap!

The Origin of the Mandela Effect Theories

Pioneer of Mandela Effect Theories

A paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome came up with this word during a conference in 2010. Everyone present in this conference shared the same memory,  death of South African President Nelson Mandela in prison in the year 1980.

Mystery behind Former President

Did you think the same? If yes, then you are hit by the Mandela Effect! The reality is that Activist Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1980, this activity was hugely covered by Media houses which was mistaken as the funeral of the president who actually died in 2013. There are plenty of proofs available that proves the existance of mandela effect.

6 Popular Mandela Theories Signifying Different Timelines

There are many such Mandela Effect examples that will make you baffled. You can regard this as a crap, but just refer with the help of theories. The Mandela Effect theories and explanations will surely force you to think opposite than this. Moving down to some Mandela Effect examples:

1. 50 or 52 states in U.S?

Reality behind US States

There are many people who are in a parallel world and co-relate this with the 52 deck of cards. People have some events that create a mark in their minds, these things are assumed to be a reality.

2. The Berenstain Bears!

Berenstain Bears/ Berenstein Bears

Popular children’s story book ‘The Berenstain Bears’ ruled for several decades yet people misspell it as ‘The Berenstein Bears’ instead of ‘The Berenstain Bears’. This occurs due to misconception or misinterpretation.

3. The Mayer Oscar

Oscar Mayer Incorrect Spelling

The American meat production company is never remembered by its original spelling. The original spelling ‘Mayer Oscar’ is misspelled as ‘Meyer Oscar’. This is a small mistake but can lead to Mandela Effect.

4. The Monopoly Uncle without a Monocle!

Rich Uncle Pennybags

The Monopoly Pennybags uncle never wore a monocle. But still,  it is remembered with the monocle or glasses. This indicates the presence of a parallel world or false memory.

5. Curious George

Curious George's tail

The prominent children story book ‘Curious George’ was never portrayed with a tail! It is always perceived to have a tail like other monkeys.

6. Darth Vader “No, I am your father?”

Popular Star Wars dialogue Mandela

The famous dialogue from Hollywood movie Star War starring Darth Vader saying, “No, I am your father” is actually misquoted as “Luke, I am your father”! If you have experienced any of the above examples, then you have become a victim of the Mandela Effect. You must be thinking about the reason and causes behind this weird phenomenon. Making you more confused, read mandela effect debunked.

This article includes psychological theories and explanations that would hold true the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect Theories

Mandela Theories

There are three Mandela Effect theories.  The first includes the presence of the parallel world, false memory and obsession among people with the Mandela Effect examples.

1. People believe there is another parallel universe and is assumed a certain event has occurred in the past. But the reality turns to be opposite. This parallel world is formed due to so many things taking place simultaneously. The brain gets overloaded with some many things that the conscious mind is not aware of!

2. The second is the false memory that results into distorted memory. Man remembers things around him in the easiest way to interpret or recall things. People are loaded with so many incorrect stories that support the previous story.  A false memory is a result of misinformation about an event. Our mind wanders in a parallel world assuming it to be true.

3. The last reason is the obsession attached with the Mandela Effect Examples. This is a natural human behavior in which man believes he is always right and cannot digest the fact. He is so obsessed with himself, that he won’t open himself to a can of worms to know the real world. The Mandela Effect Examples are neglected to satisfy his ego of being Mr. Right!

Assumptions Claiming the Existence of Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect explanantions

There several assumptions that define the Mandela Effect along with the Mandela Effect theories. These 8 assumptions might help to reveal the secret behind the Mandela Effect.

1. Misinformation Effect

This is a key factor for Mandela Effect. The person comes across a wrong information about an event and assumes it to be the truth. An incorrect information that leads to incorrect conclusions. The person accepts the received information to be a hardcore fact.

2. Confirmation Bias

People easily get persuaded by other claims. The tendency of a person to think and find out the truth is absent here. If the person comes across another story related to the same event, he might discard it to support the earlier information.

3. Misattribution of memory

The source of the information is forgotten. The person never takes the effort to recall the origin of the information leading to confusion or incorrect attributes.

4. Misconception

A man’s mind is not build to accept facts and ideas easily. Some people intentionally or unintentionally spread a misconception about the same. Thus, the man starts accepting anything that comes his way, this is where the seed for misconception is sown. Accepting the truth and believing it!

5. Cryptomnesia

A false memory is misinterpreted as an imagination. People start assuming things for themselves. The absence of a subjective experience to recall it as a memory. The birth of the Mandela Effect may be an imagination rather than a real memory.

6. False memory

A fake information or event is produced in the mind which is related to a trauma experienced by him. This trauma is the main culprit in such situations which gives birth to a false memory.

7. Cognitive Dissonance

The displeasure experienced by a person when confronted with a new information that is against its belief and memory. The person finds it very difficult to accept the truth. This leads to false beliefs, ideas or values. He is so much sure that he doesn’t want to come under any influence leading against the pre-decided information.

8. Confabulation

A disturbance in the memory is the main cause to weave a distorted or incorrect information. The person is quite confident about the news heard or known and won’t easily accept the reality. The misinformation is this process is a false memory which is marked in our minds and it is believed to be the truth.


These Mandela effect theories will surely proof the fact that the Mandela Effect exits.  There are speculations of people being in a parallel world or acquiring a false memory can be easily understood through the above Mandela Effect theories. Bring yourself back from the alternative realities and unveil the truth. Feed us with your valuable comments in the box below.

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